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HIMACS European Architecture & Design Awards 2023 Winners Announced

The HIMACS European Architecture & Design Awards 2023 are over, and we are thrilled to announce the winners, marking a momentous celebration of creativity excellence in architectural and design projects across Europe.

The HIMACS European Architecture & Design Awards 2023 are over, and we are thrilled to announce the winners, marking a momentous celebration of creativity excellence in architectural and design projects across Europe.

The HIMACS European Architecture & Design Awards are a recognition of architectural and design excellence. The awards showcase the remarkable collaboration between HIMACS, a solid surface material known for its versatility and elegance, skilled fabricators and designers & architects across Europe, highlighting their creativity and inventive spirit.


The Winners Are:

**HIMACS Interior Design Innovation** 

Classic Glam Kitchen

Introducing the Classic Glam Kitchen: where timeless style meets practical functionality. With an optimised L-shaped layout seamlessly integrating storage and work areas, its design maximises space utilisation. The central kitchen island features sleek drawers and a luxurious HIMACS Solid Surface countertop, blending contemporary aesthetics with durability. Ideal for meal preparation and casual gatherings, this kitchen effortlessly exudes sophistication while catering to everyday tasks.


**HIMACS Commercial Design Excellence** 

Dental Clinic Pedroche

The renovated Pedroche Dental Clinic, meticulously designed by interior designers from Segadestudio, has garnered attention from both tourists and locals alike for its striking and spectacular ambiance. The entrance hall has become a focal point, with passersby stopping to capture its beauty in photographs.

Utilising HIMACS, various elements within the space have been skillfully constructed, including an impressive illuminated mural crafted by AR Superficies Sólidas. This curvaceous masterpiece commands attention and adds a captivating allure to the clinic's aesthetic.

This project not only exemplifies professional excellence and cutting-edge surgical capabilities but also fosters a patient-friendly environment that encourages individuals to visit the clinic. The blend of innovation and inviting design ensures an unforgettable experience for all who enter the doors of the Pedroche Dental Clinic.


**HIMACS Exterior and Facade Excellence** 

Façade Urania Olsztyn

Description: This impressive facade spans across a vast expanse of 2,100 square meters, enhancing the architectural allure of the sport hall complex. HIMACS was selected not only for its captivating aesthetic appeal but also for its certified fire resistance, ensuring both beauty and safety. The intricate geometric honeycomb pattern imbues the building with a striking blend of transparency and stability, lending it an air of modern sophistication.

Leveraging cutting-edge CNC milling technology, each facade element was meticulously crafted to bespoke specifications, allowing for a seamless integration of design and functionality. Even the expansion joint, a mandatory component of the facade, is ingeniously transformed into a sleek design feature, adding to the overall visual impact of the structure.


**HIMACS Furniture and Product Design Innovation** 

BK2 Valencia Design HIMACS Handles

Drawing from a harmonious blend of cutting-edge techniques and time-honoured craftsmanship, the BK2 Valencia studio designed a series of furniture and door handle accessories, meticulously crafted from HIMACS Solid Surface.

These designs seamlessly merge innovation with a steadfast commitment to flawless finishes and minimalist elegance. HIMACS emerges as the material of choice for crafting these functional and decorative elements, chosen for its silky, uniform surface that exudes both hygiene and ease of maintenance, coupled with its unparalleled aesthetic appeal.


 Crafted with finesse by Berlin-based artist Lena Marie Emrich, the bespoke award trophies symbolise innovation and collaborative dedication to exceptional design. Each trophy, meticulously fashioned from HIMACS solid surface, stands as a beacon of artistic expression, embodying durability and beauty inherent in this exceptional material.

The HIMACS European Architecture & Design Awards 2023 represent a magnificent celebration of creativity, innovation, and inspiration, underscoring the dynamic synergy between HIMACS and European design experts.

For further details and updates, please visit the official HIMACS European Architecture & Design Awards 2023 website at

Architecture & Design Raluca Birta, Nicolae Mateas - Saramob Design, Yolanda Segade - Segadestudio arquitectura interior, Dorota Szymaniak – Urban ,Julio E. Ballesta - BK2 Valencia
Material used HIMACS Solid Surface
Fabrication Saramob Design, AR Superficies Solidas, Studio Reklamy Euromet, Julio E. Ballesta
Photo Credit Marius Venter, Estudio Paloma Pacheco, Cath Graz, Hubert de Jakusz-Gostomski, Melchor Ballesta Honrubia
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